Wednesday, January 19, 2005

[Personal] Credit card scam

Today I found a weird charge of $9.95 by "EADENSSOFTCOM" on one of my credit cards. We didn't make such a purchase. Needless to say I called up the bank and had a credit issued. I didn't change the credit card number as according to the dispute lady, it might be a keying error and not a fraud. Curious, I then googled "EADENSSOFTCOM" and found this. Apparently this is already a popular credit card scam. I changed my card number on the second phone call to the bank.

My impression of the bank's service? The operators seem to want to end the call ASAP. On my last call I told the lady of the scam and she quickly said she would report it. I just didn't sense the sincerity in her tone - she didn't pay much attention to my research and didn't say she would report this to the fraud department although she acknowledges that only the fraud dept knows about this stuff.