Sunday, December 26, 2004

[Personal] Earthquake and tidal waves in Asia

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake and giant tidal waves have hit Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia. The report says that more than 3300 people have been killed. This event is more personal to me while in Singapore as compared to if I am in US. Even though I wasn't aware of the devastations until this evening, people in certain parts of Singapore have reportedly felt the tremors. And just 4 days ago I was helping my sister and cousin research for their Thailand tour in January. I strongly suggested Phuket, the Thai resort that was just hit by the tidal wave, since I had tons of fun there in 1999. Luckily they decided on Bangkok instead, because Phuket is now closed to tourists.
Some 168 people died in popular southern Thailand resorts, the Narenthorn Center of the Public Health Ministry reported. The center said people were swept away in Phuket by a tsunami with 16-foot waves. More than 1,900 were injured and many others were missing.

Waves reported to be up to 30 feet high crashed into beaches, where thousands of tourists were lazing on the country's renowned white sand beaches when the earthquake struck. Hundreds of bungalows, boats and cars were carried out to sea.

Followup: The death toll is already at 19,930. I wonder how main-stream media in US is covering this huge story. Do they play it down since it doesn't affect US and instead still pay more attention to Iraq?