Tuesday, December 21, 2004

[Personal] 20-hour flight

The 20-hour flight to Singapore was gruesome, typical of such non-first-class, non-business-class endeavors. The flight was fully booked, as expected during the December season, so I had to crouch the whole time in my pathetic coach seat. Luckily the plane I took was Singapore Airline's newer Boeing 777s, meaning I was able to watch lots of movies on demand and not have to wait for the movies to recycle themselves. During the first 11 hour flight to Incheon, Korea, I managed to watch "Borne Supremacy", "I, Robot", "Alien vs. Predator", "天机变2", and one hilarious Hong Kong movie whose name I can't remember. That's a couple of DVD rentals saved right there! :) It's not like I didn't want to get some sleep during the eleven hours - I just wasn't able to because the guy next to me had his reading light on the whole time! As for the 6-hour flight from Incheon to Singapore, well, I eventually grabbed four hours of it for sleep.