Saturday, December 18, 2004

[Personal] Anonymity

I have always tried to remain anonymous ever since I started blogging in late 2003. I was careful not to reveal personal details or any information that would link my blog with my identity. (Although I did reveal my dog's name.) This is because I sometimes complain about work or people around me, and I don't want anyone to hunt me down for my whining. And one can never be too careful about online identities.

What caused my second thoughts? Well, lately I have been researching open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) just for fun. I don't really have much content to publish online, but being anonymous further restricts whatever little content I have. That's a kill-joy for someone like me who likes to toy with different technology.

Besides, not having to worry about anonymity would also open up more possibilities for blogging. For example, I can post more photos that reveal who I am. Not that many people would care, but it just might make my blog more interesting at a personal level. Of course it might also turn people away as they don't care about some stranger's private life.

Hmm... I will think about it over my few weeks of vacation.