Wednesday, October 20, 2004

T-Mobile stinks

I have been willing to overlook a few problems with T-Mobile service in the past, but today's encounter has just turned me into a hardcore T-Mobile hater.

Here is a recap of the past problems:

One of the outstanding issues is that I am charged $40 for HotSpot/GPRS although it was supposed to be $20 as my physical contract stated. This is what happened today:

The T-Mobile store sales person has been trying to contact a customer support "manager" to resolve the problem. However the manager hasn't got back to him for the past week, I can only assume he/she is purposely ignoring us. Today I was told by this sales person that there isn't much he can do anymore. He suggested that I call customer support myself. I did and was told that there is no such $20 HotSpot/GPRS data plan, regardless of what my contract states. In other words, "F*ck your contract, use it to wipe your a$$!" At least the customer service person was willing to help me cancel the HotSpot service and credit me for the first month. Having forced to work with T-Mobile "intimately" for a while now, I can't help but wonder if the credit will happen as he says. I will verify tomorrow, somehow. The problem is that none of this information will show up in my T-Mobile's online account, EVER!

I am going to start telling everyone I know how T-Mobile sucks. Well, almost everybody. If I get the chance, I will tell the beasts upstairs to go for T-Mobile. Hehehehe...

On second thought, maybe the beasts upstairs already work for T-Mobile customer service?! Their "qualities" surely match what I have been experiencing from T-Mobile.