Monday, July 26, 2004

Yahoo Groups vs Google Groups Beta

I am trying to set up a mailing list for organizing badminton games.

I started by creating a Yahoo group, that was the easy part. Next came the "impossible" task of inviting members. Half of the original members signed up without incidents, while for the other half either the invitations were lost due to company filters or they don't know how to register. Since members can join Yahoo Group only by invitations, there is really no way out other than to wait and educate everyone. Well, I gave up and decided to try Google Groups Beta.

Google Groups allows members to be added instead of invited, that is the main reason I dumped Yahoo Groups. The biggest problem I am experiencing with Google is the email delays which can be up to several hours. I am hoping this is partly due to the MyDoom virus today and not a normal behavior. Another issue is actually with Yahoo Mail filter on the receipient side - it always sends emails from Google (e.g. Gmail invites and Google Groups messages) right to the bulk folder. Gee, does Yahoo think this would help it gain advantage over Gmail?! Think again!!

In summary, I am sticking with Google Groups Beta for now.

Update: All of a sudden Yahoo Mail has stopped sending Google Groups messages to bulk folder. Go figure...