Sunday, July 25, 2004

HTPC decisions

For a while I have been contemplating building a Home Theater PC myself. I almost went ahead with it were it not for the arrival of summer and news of new AMD chips/chipsets. This delay gave me more time to do more research, and now I am undecided on whether to build or buy a HTPC.

Why build:

  • Custom picked components
  • Fun of assembling a PC
  • Cheaper (?)
Why buy pre-assembled:
  • Saves time and trouble
  • MS XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2004 is still the best out there, and MCE 2005 is to be released this fall. Unfortunately MCE only comes with OEM systems.
  • Cheaper? I just got an online quote for iBuyPower's HTPC, and the price is very competitive.
  • The newer components (e.g. AMD 939 chips and chipsets, PCI Express) are too expensive, so they are not relevant anymore.