Sunday, July 25, 2004

HP h6315's new trick

Well, it's not exactly a new trick I guess, perhaps I just didn't pay enough attention to it before. Looks like HP's new h6315 PocketPC phone "can easily switch between traditional cellular and Wi-Fi networks":
The h6315, which was co-developed with T-Mobile, operates on a traditional cellular network but can automatically hop over onto a faster Wi-Fi connection when one is available.
The article then goes to mention that this feature would be useful for VoIP in the future:
Armed with the appropriate software, such gadgets could eventually use a home's Wi-Fi access point to make phone calls using the Internet, technology known as voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
The h6315 will be available in Aug exclusively from T-mobile at $499 with 1-year contract. That's kind of expensive for me. We will see...

And yes, tomorrow HP will announce all its new generation of PocketPCs running Windows Mobile 2003SE.