Tuesday, May 10, 2005

[PDA/Cellphone] Windows Mobile 5 announced

Today Microsoft announced the new Windows Mobile 5, formerly known as Windows Mobile 2005 or Magneto. Many sources are reporting this, so I will just pick one and link to it.

For now Windows Mobile 5 is only available to hardware partners, so individual consumers like me will have to either wait until a new device with this OS is released, most likely in Q3, or for O2 to offer a software/firmware upgrade for my XDA Mini. As for the software upgrade route, since HP and Dell have already announced upgrade paths for their devices, I don't see why O2 couldn't, especially since Asian companies are less set on forcing us to buy brand new devices as their Americans counterparts. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

And lastly, WebIS has announced that their PocketInformant 2005 PIM software will support Windows Mobile 5. That could be great news for me since I already own a copy of PocketInformant 2005. I haven't used its contact photos feature due to the lack of integration with the desktop Outlook, but I hope that would change if I manage to upgrade to Windows Mobile 2005.