Sunday, April 03, 2005

[Software] Version control software recommendation?

I am thinking of setting up a version control software at home for personal use, you know, for whatever pet "projects" my 10-minute attention focuses on. Of course the software would need to be open-source. I am aware of the famous CVS back from the school days, but I wonder if there is a better, more modern and user friendly offering. This webpage offers some help, but it doesn't mention the strength and weaknesses of each package. Now I am fully aware of how few people actually read my blog, but I want to ask anyway: can someone suggest a version control software for my case?

My requirements are as follows:

  • Mainly for single user (me). I wouldn't mind if it supports multiple users, but that's not as important.
  • Low resource overhead.
  • Command line + GUI, preferably with Explorer integration.
  • The basic features such as checkin, checkout, rollback, etc.