Wednesday, March 30, 2005

[Personal] Voodooist recommendation?

We have about another month before we move out of this shit hole apartment. What makes here so unbearable is not the building itself but rather the fat assholes who live on the floor above us. This couple upstairs has a kid, and apparently they don't give a damn about others - they allow their kid to run around and pound the floor relentlessly. Sometimes the kid even plays Dance Dance Revolution, a game that emphasizes pounding! Talking to them directly didn't work. Talking to them through the apartment manager didn't work. And now the apartment manager himself wants to stay out of the dispute. How can I blame him? The female upstairs is fierce, and we are already moving in a month.

Just now the kid had more great time pounding our ceiling. I think when she grows up she will become either a drummer or a bass guitarist. Can anyone recommend an effective voodooist?

I have never hated anyone so much for so long.