Thursday, April 14, 2005

[Personal] Decision at work

This afternoon a colleague told me over the phone that his group has 5 openings and asked me if I am interested. Should I attempt an internal transfer?

For transfer:

  • That group is working on the next generation product, therefore the work would be more challenging and fun.
  • More interesting stuff on my Resume.
  • My current work is boring.
Against transfer:
  • Our company is not doing too well. The current product line I work on has customers and is therefore more stable. The next generation product won't have customers in the near future, so its future is uncertain.
  • I am doing pretty well in my current group. It's very likely that my manager will decline the transfer request.
  • It will be busier over there. I just bought a new house and need some free time to settle in.

I know it seems that the "against" list is longer, but then each point is not weighted equally. What to do, what to do?