Wednesday, March 23, 2005

[Personal] Less regrets

Fear has been lingering in my mind ever since our house offer was accepted last week. Remember, we paid 12% over the asking price of ~$720k. (Actually I never revealed the dollar amount.) There was always the fear of real-estate market crashing and whether we overpaid for this particular house. Luckily our family and friends are pretty supportive and all claim that the house is worth it. In addition houses that just came on the market are even more outrageous, often wanting more money for less of a house. I am also glad that we had secured our loan before the interest rate went up, although mine is already 0.5% higher than one month ago when we first started house hunting.

I will be busy preparing for the upcoming move at the end of April. Hopefully by then the raining season would be over and my entire ordeal is smooth.