Friday, March 11, 2005

[Misc.] TomTom Go 700

Looks like TomTom Go 700 would be my favorite GPS device from now on (or at least until something better comes along). Hope it's available in US and won't cost too much.

It has a remote control, a 2.5GB hard disk, and bluetooth capability that allows hands-free calls and GPRS data connection via your cellphone.

The 700 boasts hands free communication by channelling the phone call from your mobile to the tom tom go unit much like a Bluetooth headset would, the on screen GUI allows calls to be answered, but it does go one step further giving the ability to access the phones contact list and to make calls from the unit.


Finally the last change which was widely expected is the inclusion of tom-tom's data services now branded "TomTom plus", this allows the go unit to deliver the tom tom traffic service we had previously reviewed, the required GPRS connection is made via your enabled mobile across the Bluetooth connection. The service has been broadened to go beyond real time traffic info to include weather, news and additional mapping and POI downloads.