Thursday, February 10, 2005

[Complaint] Lousy Epson scanner Smart Panel software

I have an Epson scanner which we bought two years ago. Boy the bundled scanning software is lousy. The main component is the Smart Panel "suite". Not only is the UI non-standard and confusing, it is buggy enough that tonight it took me 3 attempts just to successfully scan 6 pages.

In the first try I didn't rename the files and instead tried to batch-save them with the default "FILE00x.jpg" to the directory previously set. Nothing was saved, all I could see in the directory were the 4 previously saved "FILE00x.jpg" files, and my scans were lost because the "Scan-to-File" application had exited. I thought, fine, my mistake, I will try again.

In the second attempt, I created a new directory, rescanned the 6 pages, and tried to save them using the default "FILE00x.jpg" names to the new location. Guess what? No new scans were saved, instead I saw the same four previously saved documents, but this time in the new directory! This could not be my mistake! Unfortunately after "saving" the files, "Scan-to-File" exited and left me cursing at the screen.

The third time I rescanned everything and manually renamed all the files prior to Scan-to-File's batch-save. Finally got it to work.