Thursday, November 04, 2004

T-Mobile incompetence (what else)

Refer to my past blog entry for my gruesome interactions with T-Mobile.

Today I got my second T-Mobile bill. It proves once again that T-Mobile customer support personnel can't/won't follow up on whatever they had promised. I was supposed to get a credit for the HotSpot account which I had to cancel because T-Mobile wouldn't honor my contract. Surprise, surprise, there is no credit on this bill. I called T-Mobile again and was told by David, the customer support person, that he did see the previous notes for the credits. Ok, let me understand this: the note was there but nothing was done anyway. Great demonstration of professionalism, wouldn't you say? Since the system was undergoing maintenance and couldn't be updated (surprised?), David wrote an email to have this done tomorrow. I suppose that I, as a customer, would have to drive this issue all the way to closure.

On a side note, for some reason David questioned the plan "TM Internet & HS" I had prior to canceling the HotSpot. He saw that plan name under my account on his computer. So I told him the entire history of how I was supposed to be charged $20 per month for "TM Internet & HS" but instead was charged $20 for that plus another $20 for HotSpot. I confirmed again with him that the "HS" in "TM Internet & HS" does stand for "HotSpot". (Another proof is that my data plan is now named "TM Internet" after I cancelled the HotSpot.) After hearing my whole story David chickened out and diverted the conversation back to just crediting my account. All this just to prove that you can have all the black and white contract in the world, they wouldn't mean jack to T-Mobile. Their corporate bullshit overrides anything you might have previously agreed and signed mutually. And there is no proper channel to fight this T-Mobile crap other than by legal means, which for me is just not worth the hassle.

I could stand the lousy coverage, but the terrible customer support drove the final nail into their coffin. I will be switching away from T-Mobile the moment my one-year contract is up. Other wireless carriers are starting to offer smartphones and decent data plans, so T-Mobile can kiss themselves where the sun don't shine!