Sunday, July 11, 2004

A day in Sunol Regional Wilderness

Today we brought Frosty to the nearby Sunol Regional Wilderness. The hike was supposed to be 4 miles. It started out well, Frosty was off leash and strolling ahead of us while we took our time up the hills. Along the way we took some pictures, one of which is posted above.

We took a break after we arrived at a three-way junction. I snapped a photo, the one shown above. Little did I know its significance, for in hindsight it documents the beginning of our boo boo - we took a wrong turn here!! Lesson learned. :-( As a result we probably hiked for two extra miles along paved roads. Near the end even the mighty Frosty stopped being its perky self and proved that a dog's stamina still loses out to a human's.

On the drive back home we passed by a Fry's Electronics super store. Being a super fan of theirs, we went in. The store is new, it is huge, and it relieved me of my fear that there is no Fry's in Fremont region. Fremont now looks like a more viable alternative.

All in all today's hike is alright, despite the "mis-cursion" and the lack luster scenery. We tried out a new route and that is that.
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