Wednesday, December 01, 2004

[Personal] Integrity

Today I found out the true color of a "friend". This person had some informal agreement with us where we would help look after each other's dog during vacations. Through out 2003 we looked after her dog while in December 2003 she looked after Frosty. The same was supposed to happen this year. We looked after her dog for weeks through out 2004, except now she claims that she feels unappreciated and "prefer" not to look after Frosty for our trip this year. It has always been a mutually agreed exchange and not some favor, so where does this victim theory come about? The worst part is that she ignored our phone calls and only sent an email a few days afterwards. I just don't think that's a mature way to handle any problem, even if you are the victim. Thanks to this last minute "maturity", we now have to find an alternative solution less than three weeks away from our departure. In Singlish we call such a person "Sabo Queen", to say the least.

Of course there were many different incidents leading up to this, so just to be fair, I also confirmed my thoughts with a mutual friend who witnessed all of it in the last two years. I guess it's our fault we didn't keep a distance with this person but instead trusted her to honor the exchange.