Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mouse in the house

Posted by Hello

At around 11PM tonight my wife heard some noise in the corridor. She turned around and saw a glimpse of a mouse. We chased the mouse into the living room and managed to take some pictures of it under our TV rack, you know, just to prove it to the apartment manager. After a few of my wife's screams and my futile attempts to drive it out onto the patio with a broomstick, the mouse managed to escape from us. We suspect it went into the kitchen, mainly because Frosty has shown unrivalled attention there.

I am not skilled in dealing with mice anymore. I used to see my parents do it decades ago when I was still in China. But in a "luxury" apartment complex in the high-tech and prosperous Bay Area, US?!

And how come Frosty is willing to chase after squarrels outside and yet sits idle while a mouse runs around?