Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Politician's code of conduct

Am I the only one who feels that some politicians from a certain geographical location are just not up to par?! Exhibit 1.0:

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mark Chen (陳唐山) yesterday blasted Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo (楊榮文) for telling the UN that actions by Taiwan's independence groups could lead to war with China.

"Singapore holds China's lam pa (爛疤) with its hands, if I may use these ugly words," a fuming Chen said.

In the Hoklo language (also known as Taiwanese), lam pa means "testicles"; saying that someone holds another's lam pa means that he is fawning over that person.

Exhibit 1.5 (same speech, so I count it as 0.5):
Chen lamented Taiwan's status in the international community, saying "even a tiny garden country like Singapore, which only has 3 million people, can criticize us."
"Singapore is a country only as big as a piece of snot," he added.

I don't know what Mark Chen (pictured below) is gesturing, but it looks suspiciously vulgar too, especially when one links it to Exhibit 1.0 above.

I don't think even a decent professional adult would use such language in public, not to mention a foreign minister speaking to the media against a different country. Another English version of this news used more toned down words, but I feel that the "original" will better carry across my point.