Sunday, September 12, 2004

My h6315 journey

I am already on my third h6315 in two weeks. Yes, number THREE! Here is the log:

I got number one on Aug 27, one day after its official release. The T-Mobile store was out of stock initially and had to get 2 (and only 2) from another location. I got one of them because I managed to convince the sales person to give me higher priority on the waiting list because I would be a new T-Mobile customer and I had already pre-registered with Immediately after getting the unit I experienced frequent lock ups. The worst part is that the darn thing wouldn't connect to any WiFi. On Aug 28 I brought the thing back to the store and true enough, it was defective - it wouldn't even connect to T-Mobile's own hotspot. Unfortunately I couldn't exchange it then because there wasn't any stock in store.

On Sep 8 I called the store and was told that they just received twenty units. Yippy! I had the sales person take out one unit and test its WiFi for me. Right after work I went to the store and happily exchanged unit number one for this spanking new number two. The screen didn't feel as smooth compared to the first one when I used the stylus, but I thought I finally got a working $500 PDA-phone. The happiness last less than two days when on Friday Sep 10 I started to realize that the phone wouldn't wake up on incoming calls. Instead when I manually turn it on it would briefly flash a incoming-call message followed by a missed-a-call message. I conducted some tests and verified that basically the phone part of the $500 gadget doesn't work. Luckily this time the store still had some units remaining.

Getting very frustrated by then, I couldn't wait till after work to resolve the problem. Instead I went down to the shop in the middle of the afternoon - hey, it's a Friday. I got my number three, and that's the one I am still using.

So far I think this third unit is a keeper, but in the next few days I would still conduct whatever tests I can think of. The funny part of this "journey" is that according to the sales person, I am the only customer at that store who had experienced problems with h6315s. Oh lucky me.