Sunday, August 15, 2004

JSF bean and handler

I was stuck the last time I worked on my JSF homework. I was trying to use separate classes for data bean and handler. That didn't go well, the data bean for the second request somehow became null. I really liked to do it this way as I could then reuse the data bean class I already have.

Tonight I experimented a bit and got it to work by combining the data bean and handler into one class, just like all the JSF examples out there used. Not my favorite approach, but it works. Perhaps I will just go this route as I am tired of running into walls.

How can I afford to procrastinate my homework for so long? That's because the director who organized the training has already left the company himself. Besides, everyone was tired of the long and tedious homework. Furthermore we didn't get much feedback for our earlier assignments, so what is the point? For me I still intend to finish this last one for closure and self-learning.