Sunday, August 29, 2004

Cellphone "saga"

I haven't been posting anything here for the last few days because I was busy playing with my new cellphones. Yes, I got the spanking new HP h6315 on Friday, one day after its official release!

That was the good news. Now the bad.

  • I can't get a signal in my apartment. :( The reception is okay, but not spectacular, outside the building and on third floor, but nothing on the first floor where my apartment is on.
  • My h6315 is defective. It won't connect to any Wi-Fi network, even T-Mobile's own hotspot. I am exchanging it the moment the store has one in stock.

Because my old cellphone crapped out on me and because I don't like non-GSM carriers, I am switching to a different carrier regardless. With T-Mobile's reception problem, I thought about going with ATT Wireless instead. Unfortunately ATT doesn't have a decent PDA phone and their data plan is more expensive. I guess I will stick with T-Mobile and forward calls to my home number if the cellphones are out of range.