Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Gmail conversation

I finally got a taste of Gmail's conversation interface. My experience so far is only with 2 emails in a chain, but it already shows promise. It's just too bad I won't get to use Gmail for work where I have tons of long email chains.

"Terminal Island"

This is a pretty cool page. It isn't really a blog, but it uniquely simulates a terminal console in HTML. Cute...

"MSN Search"

MS has a new search engine: MSN Search. Its interface is similar to Google's. Why am I not surprised.

Not my best day

I guess today is just not one of those good days. Nothing is smooth, including the 3 or 4 bugs I looked at today. None can be reproduced without assistance, that means more delays.

Maybe I should just give it a rest. Tomorrow would be better, since it is the last day before the 4-day long weekend.

Update: I felt better after a quick jogging session. Looking back, the day wasn't that bad. Guess I was just moody for whatever reason.


I hate people who reply emails with 1 liners. It just seems impolite and makes you feel unwelcome.

Voluntary donations

Wife just got a parking citation today. What luck! She is pretty upset about it, I am kinda annoyed too. *sigh* It is better to be bochap about shitty things like this. Make no mistake, she will try to fight it, but frankly the chance of winning is slim. I think the school is counting on such fees as "voluntary"donations".


Darn it! Got "arrowed" for a red flag.

Update: The redflag has been deflected. :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bugs, bugs, bugs

What an afternoon.

The morning went by pretty relaxed as I leisurely worked on a lower-priority bug. Then in the mid-afternoon things got hectic as I first helped a teammate work on a top-priority UI bug. Man, it was WEIRD (ok, at the time it was). The debugging experience toppled my years of Computer Science training. After a while we gave up and called it a build problem. And guess what, a few minutes after I started a rebuild, we received word that it was indeed a build problem and had already been resolved. :-) or :-(, who knows?

No breaks for me though, as by that time a separate crash bug had been given to me. The icing on the cake is that there is no reproduceable case. My analysis of the log and trace files helped zilch. I am betting the bug is caused by similar build issues. I hate such bugs.

It is now almost 7pm and I am waiting to hear back from the retest. Hopefully the crash bug would go away.

Update: the crash bug is gone. :-)

Motorola Motorola MPx is now official

My dream phone, the Motorola MPx, is now officially listed on Motorola's website. Even better, rumor has it that it will be quad-band.

Archives dates reversed

Following the instructions in this page, I have successfully reversed the Archives dates from new to old. It's this kind of flexibility that entices me to Blogger.

"Google's Gmail - An in-depth look"

I like my new Gmail account, haven't used it much, but I like what I have seen so far.

Someone else has written a review that's "slightly" more in depth than my 1-liner. :-)

1984 Legend of Condor Heroes revision

I was bored tonight, so I started revising the 1984 Legend of Condor Heroes VCDs. Kinda felt sleepy after a while though, maybe another time.
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Are colleges desparate?

My wife couldn't pay her school fees online because the system simply refused to let her continue without a "voluntary" donation. I would say that's pretty desparate of a college for fundings, wouldn't you?

Of course it might simply be a program glitch, but what if it isn't?

Random Frosty picture

Frosty at Shaver's Lake, Sierra National Forest.
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[video] The future of digital photo display? | CNET

Like Microsoft or hate it, you gotta admit they have many great ideas (at least I haven't heard of the approach shown in the video before). This demo makes Adobe Photoshop Album, which I use, look like crap.

[video] Apple previews next version of Mac OS X | CNET

In the video Steve Jobs previews 2 features (out of 150+) from the Mac OS X.5 (Tiger): global search and iChat. I found the iChat demo pretty incredible. So much so that it almost tempted me to switch back to Mac OS. Then I remembered that to use iChat effectively all users must be on iChat, which for my friends means no one.

Why is Gmail good?

Why is Gmail so popular? Read this for some insights. Personally I like it for these reasons:
  • Clean interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • My new screen name (the good ones in Yahoo are already taken)
  • Address autocomplete that does not required ActiveX and thus works in non-IE browsers

Bug rid

Got a new bug first thing in the morning. Took 5 minutes to investigate and quickly passed it onto the next (right) guy. The power of Tai Qi!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Can't post via email to free Blogger

I just found out the "hard way"* that it's impossible to email a post to Blogger. What a dissappointment. * Definition of "hard way"
  • 1. emailed posts didn't appear
  • 2. researched and found the forum thread

Update: Apparently the Blogger team is in the midst of upgrading their equipment for reliability and scalability. I am not sure if the delay problem is supposedly resolved, but it still doesn't work for me. Update 2: (6/28) Ok, all 3 posts via email appeared today, so this feature does work. I promptly deleted the posts anyway.

I really should...

I really should get started on my Struts homework, it's something I semi-heartedly told myself to do on Friday. *sigh* Internet is just too tempting! I can just spend hours fine-tuning my blog sites alone.

Elegantly put

...and I will have a diet Coke, deep fried.
- Homer Simpson

Jeep Commander

Cool, a totally new Jeep.

Site: My Opinion on NetFlix

Just came across this site about Netflix. I will read it later since I am interested in signing up for Netflix once summer is over.

Mosquito whacked

A mosquito dared to suck my blood while I am surfing on the Internet?! More so directly on my left forearm?!

Needless to say it got what it deserved.

Gmail no use

My gmail account is totally empty. 0% of 1000mb! I should utilize it more often.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

GPS repaired and tested

The repaired GPS works like a charm. It can be turned on and off at will while on battery. Uploading/downloading waypoints, now that it is possible, is much easier than manually setting them up on the GPS. And I think Garmin also upgraded the firmware as well. :-)
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Great badminton game

The last few weeks I didn't get to play any badminton games due to various reasons like public holidays, car maintenance, camping trips, etc. Today I finally went for a game, and boy, what a game. The 6 of us played from 3:30pm to 8:00pm, rotating in and out of a court we "reserved" with our group size. I even won a game 15 to 0. :) My left knee is a bit uncomfortable though, as if I am wearing something out. It started a while ago after some jogging, but I will just attribute it to aging for now.